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Sample from ATS' Glossary of Management Terms
German > British English

N.B. This list is only meant as a basic aid; other translations are also possible in many cases.

German English
Abteilung department, dept. (abbrev.)
Abteilungsleiter head of department
Alleinstellungsmerkmale USPs, unique selling points
Analyse analysis
Anforderungsaufnahme identifying requirements, identification of requirements
Anforderungsmanagement requirements management
Angebot quotation, quote; offering; supply (~ and demand)
Angestellte employees; (female) employee
Angestellter (male) employee
Ansatz (= Vorgehensweise) approach
Ansprechpartner contact
Arbeitskräfte labour, manpower; workforce; workers; employees
Aufgabe task
Aufsichtsrat supervisory board
Auftrag job; assignment; task
ausgliedern (einen Firmenbereich ~) hive off, spin off (US term)
befördern promote
Beförderung promotion
Belegschaft workforce; staff, personnel
beraten advise, provide/give advice
Berater (professional) consultant; adviser
Beratung advisory services; consultation (with s.o.); consultancy; guidance
Beratungsfirma firm of consultants, consultancy
Beratungstätigkeit consulting work
besetzen (eine Stelle ~) fill a vacancy/position
Bestandsaufnahme taking stock of sth. (e.g. ~ a situation in a firm)
Beteiligte people involved, those involved
Betrieb company, firm; works; factory; plant
Betriebsrat workers' representative, shop steward
bewerben, sich (um eine Stelle) apply (for a job)
Bewerber applicant
bewerten assess, evaluate
Bewertung assessment, evaluation
Beziehung (zum Kunden) relationship (to the customer)
Bonus bonus
Branche sector, industry; field
Branchenkompetenz industry expertise
Branchenwissen knowledge of a sector, knowledge of sector, industry knowledge
Budget budget
Buyout buyout
CRM CRM (= customer relationship management)
delegieren delegate
demotivieren demotivate
Dienstleister company (providing a service); supplier
Dienstleistung service
Dienstleistungen services
effektiv effective; effectively
effizient efficient; efficiently
einstellen (Personal ~) take on, employ, recruit (staff)
emotional emotional(ly)
Engagement determination; dedication, commitment
engagiert sein be dedicated
entlassen (Personal ~) make redundant, sack, lay off; fire (colloq.)
Entlassungen lay-offs
Entscheidungsträger decision-maker(s)
entwickeln, sich (in etw.) develop (into sth.)
Entwicklung development; evolvement
Erfolg success
Erfolgsfaktoren success factors
Erfolgskontrolle way of measuring (a firm's) success
erwarten expect
Erwartungen expectations
erzielen attain, get
etablieren establish
expandieren expand
Expansion expansion
Fachwissen expertise, technical knowledge, specialist knowledge
Fähigkeit ability, capability
Fallstudie case study
Fertigkeiten skills
Firma firm, company; business
Firmenbereich part of the company; division
Firmengründer founder of the company
Firmengruppe group (of companies)
fördern promote; encourage
Franchise franchise
Franchisenehmer franchisee
Führung management; leadership
Führungskraft manager
Führungsqualitäten leadership qualities; leadership skills
Gesamtverantwortung overall responsibility
Geschäft business; shop
Geschäftsbereich business unit, division
Geschäftsführer manager; managing director (of a large firm)
Geschäftsführung management; leadership; (the) management
Geschäftsinhaber owner (of the firm)
Geschäftsleiter manager
Geschäftsleitung management board
Geschäftsplan business plan
Geschäftsprozess business process
Gesellschaft company, firm; society
Gesellschafter owner, partner
Gewinn profit, earnings
gründen (eine Firma ~) found, set up (a company)
Gründer founder
Grundprinzip basic principle, fundamental principle
Gruppe (> Firmengruppe) group, group of companies; Group
Hauptsitz headquarters
herausfordern challenge
Herausforderung challenge
Hürde hurdle
Ideenfindung generation of ideas
Inhaber owner, proprietor
Ist-Stand current situation, situation at the moment, situation today
Kennzahlen (über eine Firma) facts and figures (about a company)
Kernaufgabe main task, main activity
Kerngeschäft main line of business
Kernkompetenzen core competencies, main areas of competence
Knotenpunkt node, nodal point; hub
Know-how know-how, knowledge, expertise
Kollege colleague, co-worker
Kommunikationskanäle communications channels
kompetent competent
Kompetenz competence
Kompetenzen areas of competence, areas of expertise, skills
Können ability, capability
konsolidieren consolidate, strengthen
Konsolidierung consolidation, strengthening
Konzept plan; (psychological/mental) concept; strategy
Konzern group (of companies)
Kunde client (of a lawyer, solicitor, tax consultant, etc.); customer
Kundenanfrage customer enquiry, enquiry from a customer
Kundenbeziehung relationship to the customer
Kundenbindung customer loyalty; way(s) of keeping customers; ties with customers; customer retention
Kundenbindungsmanagement customer loyalty management
Kundenbindungsprogramm customer loyalty scheme
Kundendienst customer service, customer care
Kundeninteraktion customer interaction
Kundenwert customer value, value of a customer
Kundenwissen (= Wissen über Kunden) knowledge about (one's) customers
Kundenzufriedenheit customer satisfaction
Leistung performance; output; service; accomplishment, achievement, feat; benefits (that a company can offer you)
Leiter manager (of a company), head (of a dept.), leader (of a project)
Lieferant supplier
Lieferkette supply chain
Logistik logistics
logistisch logistic, logistical
Logo logo, logotype
Managementberatung management consultancy, management consultants
Marke brand; trademark
Markenwert brand value, value of a brand
Marketing Marketing (department)
Markt market
Marktanteil market share, share of the market
Markteinführung market launch, market entry
Marktwert market value
Maßnahme measure, activity, step
Mehrwert added value, extra value
Misserfolg failure, flop
Mitarbeiter employee(s), co-worker(s)
Mitglied des Aufsichtsrats member of the supervisory board
Mitgründer co-founder
Mittel means (e.g. a ~; financial ~); money, funds
Moderation (z. B. ~ einer Workshop) chairing (e.g. chairing a workshop)
moderieren chair, run (a meeting/workshop/panel)
modifizieren modify
Modifizierung modification
Motivation motivation, encouragement
motivieren motivate, encourage
Muttergesellschaft holding, parent company
Nachfrage demand
nachhaltig on a long-term basis, permanently; sustainable
Nachhaltigkeit sustainability
Nachteil disadvantage; downside
Neuausrichtung re-alignment
Nichenmarkt niche market
Niederlassung branch, branch office
notwendig necessary, expedient
optimieren optimise
Optimierung optimisation
Organisation organisation
Organisationsstruktur organisational structure
outsourcen outsource
Personabteilung HR department, personnel department
Personal personnel, staff, employees
Personalberater executive search consultant, personnel consultant
Personalberatung consultancy, executive search firm; human resources consultancy
Plan plan, concept; scheme
Position position
Positionerung positioning, position
Posten post, position (= job)
Programm programme; scheme
Projekt project
Projektmanagement project management
Prozedur procedure
Prozess process
Prozessmanagement process management
Qualität quality
Qualitätskontrolle quality control
Qualitätsmanagement, QM quality management, QM
Qualitätsmerkmale marks of quality
Qualitätssicherung, QS quality assurance, QA
Rabatt discount
realisieren create; implement; achieve; make (sth.) become reality
Realisierung implementation; creation
Ressourcen resources
Ruf (~ einer Firma) reputation (of a company)
Sanierung restructuring
schulen train
Schulung training session; training course
Schwierigkeiten difficulties; difficulty, problems
Service customer service, customer care
Soll-Stand desired situation, ideal situation
Spielraum room for manoeuvre, scope
Stelle (= Job) job, post, position
steuern control, manage, steer, direct
straff lean, streamlined (e.g. processes)
straffen streamline
Strategie strategy
strategisch strategic; strategically
Tochtergesellschaft, Tochterunternehmen, Tochter subsidiary, affiliate (US term)
Übernahme takeover
übernehmen take over, adopt
überwachen monitor, keep an eye on (sth.)
Umbau re-organisation, restructuring
umbauen re-organise, restructure
Umfang scope (e.g. ~ of a project)
Umsatz, Umsätze revenue, turnover
umsetzen implement; turn (sth.) into reality; put into practice
Umsetzung implementation
Umstrukturierung re-organisation
Unternehmen company, firm; enterprise, corporation (large), business
Unternehmensberatung management consultancy, management consultants
Unternehmensgruppe group of companies
Unternehmensprofil company profile, company's profile
Unternehmer entrepreneur, businessman; industrialist; employer
unzufrieden dissatisfied
Unzufriedenheit dissatisfaction
verändern change, alter
Veränderungen changes, alterations
Veränderungsmanagement change management
verantworten take responsibility (for sth.)
verantwortlich responsible; in charge
Verantwortliche(r) person in charge
Verantwortung responsibility
Verbraucher consumer(s)
vereinfachen simplify
Verfahren process; procedure, method; technique
Vermarktung marketing
Vertrieb sales; Sales (department)
Voraussetzung prerequisite, precondition, basic condition
Vorgehensweise approach, way of going about sth.
Vorteil advantage, benefit; upside; pro (as in 'the pros and cons')
wachsen grow, develop; evolve
Wachstum growth
Werbemittel advertising media; budget for advertising
Wettbewerb competition, contest
Wettbewerber competitor(s), rival(s)
wettbewerbsfähig competitive
Wirtschaft economy; commerce
wirtschaftlich economic; economically
Wirtschaftsplan business plan
Workshop workshop
Ziel target, objective, aim, goal; (place) destination
Zielgruppe target group, specific group
Zielsetzung objective, aim, goal
Zielvereinbarung agreement on a person's or team's objectives
Zufriedenheit satisfaction

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