Wozu braucht man welche Steuernummer?
Eine hilfreiche Übersicht über die verschiedenen Steuernummern in Deutschland
Fake translator applications spamming the industry | Work at Home Translation Jobs
An informative blog post on spamming in the translation sector
Integration - Vokabeln zur Verständigung - Dachau - Sü
SZ-Artikel über Sprachkurse für Ausländer im Landkreis Dachau bei München
continual vs. continuous: choose Your Words |
The difference between two words we often get confused
How to align any EU legislation in any two EU languages | Signs & Symptoms of Translation
Emma Goldsmith on two ways of aligning EU texts in different languages
Great iOS 9 features for interpreters (and translators) | A Word In Your Ear
An article by an EU interpreter on the upsides of using an iPad at work
Coffee Break: Im Gespräch mit Barbara Beck - Patrizia Napoli
Ein Interview mit einer Fachübersetzerin über ihre Arbeit und Kunden
WIPO Pearl
A multilingual online resource on patent terminology
Why isn’t ‘American’ a language?
A BBC article on the history of American English
Home Office interpreters threaten boycott over pay cut | UK news | The Guardian
An article in a UK paper on hard times for highly trained gov't interpreters
A quiz on American expressions
A quiz on American expressions that is bound to get the better of British speakers!
Mein Italien - La Befana
Kulturelle Hintergründe zur italienischen Weihnachtsfee!
Don't rely on Google – invest in languages to grow your business | Guardian Small Business Network | The Guardian
"just being able to speak a language doesn’t qualify a person – or a computer – to translate it accurately"
Translator Tools
A package of useful document-processing tools for translators
Which words do you hate? | OxfordWords blog
An amusing blog post on the English words we hate most
What to ask your client before starting a translation
A good overview of points to bear in mind before starting a new translation
Europass: glossary of terms regarding education and training
Useful, informative list of educational terms listed and defined in various EU languages
Top Ten Glossaries of the Month - Terminology Coordination Unit
10 mono- and multilingual glossaries on various subjects chosen by TermCoord
IATE term of the week: "safe third country"
Definition of a topical term used in relation to refugees coming to the EU | Das Nachrichtenportal für die Übersetzungsbranche
Nützliche Infoseite über Aktuelles für Übersetzer und Dolmetscher
10 inventions named after people
Interesting article on the origin of ten English words we use today
Google Translate Blog: Two new Translate features coming your way
Even if it doesn't work properly all the time, this optical translation feature from Google certainly looks impressive!
Common Latin Abbreviations in Research
A short list of Latin abbreviations + meanings used in English research texts
Steuerprüfung im Home Office - ein Erfahrungsbericht |
Freelance author Robert Chromow reports on how his own tax audit went
Lexika | bpb
Various online encyclopedias on politics, religion and economics in Germany and the EU
Only a change in the national mindset will save language learning
Article in The Guardian about the reasons for languages being unpopular in UK schools
Useful glossary of economic terms in English and Italian
Commonly confused words - Oxford Dictionaries
Here's a list of pairs of words in English that many people get mixed up or spell wrongly
Migrants urged not to use relatives as interpreters in hospital | SBS News
An interesting article on the situation in Australia
A link to download IATE terms in specific languages
Schriftsteller und Übersetzer Harry Rowohlt ist gestorben
Article on about literary translator Harry Rowohlt's death in June 2015
New Hart's Rules: The Oxford Style Guide
A thorough and clear style guide on writing in English
Video: what is the Oxford comma? | OxfordWords blog
An informative, unbiased video about using the serial comma in English
"Alles Wurst!" - German sausage idioms
An amusing but accurate account of German 'sausage' expressions!
Deutscher Bundestag - Parlamentsbegriffe Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch, Spanisch
Bilingual PDF files of political terminology
Zum Unterschied zwischen Projektleitern und Projektmanagern | GPM Blog
Blog post on the difference between these two German terms
Les mots-clés du management - Anglais
"Les mots spécifiques au secteur du management y sont classés par thème : les modèles de management, les principales parties prenantes, le leadership, la stratégie d'entreprise, la direction de projet, etc."
Language Matters in Nepal: TWB playing a significant role in crisis recovery
What Translators without Borders has done for Nepal recently
Prof G. Lewis Jarring Lecture on Turkish
A lecture on language reform in Turkey - how modern Turkish was created
Why Turkey’s president wants to revive the language of the Ottoman Empire - The Washington Post
Will the Ottoman language be taught again at Turkish schools?
To make a real difference in some of Africa's poorest countries, we should train more translators | Public Radio International
An moving article and webcast on the urgent need for more translators in Africa
What Your Sign-off is Really Saying
An interesting summary of ways of signing off in an English e-mail
Terminologiebestände im Internet
Links to lots of mono- and multilingual terminology lists collated by a German university
definition of 'palimpsest' in the Oxford dictionary
Do you know what a 'palimpsest' is?
Wörterbücher, Fachwörterbücher und e-Fachwörterbücher : Kater-Verlag
A German reseller with a very wide range of dictionaries for translators
Butterick’s Practical Typography
Nice brief overview of "nbsp" on various O/S
Take a screenshot of a menu with the Snipping Tool (Windows 7) | CompuSavvy's Word & WordPerfect Tips
A good article on how to take screen shots of open menus
A glossary of German business terms
Words all Around: skewiff
Unusual spellings of an English word
Common Era - definition of Common Era, BCE CE, BuzzWord from Macmillan Dictionary.
The historical abbreviations CE and BCE
Kopfschmerzen im Büro loswerden
Interesting article with a few practical tips on preventing headaches
5 great resources for medical translators | EAP | Medical TranslationsEAP | Medical Translations
A blog post on five medical translation resources on the Net
Duden | Makulatur | Rechtschreibung, Bedeutung, Definition, Herkunft
The various meanings of Makulatur in German
20 readers who lost fluency in their language
What various people say about losing full command of their L1 in an L2 environment - it's only natural...
Public viewings, wellness and shootings
An amusing but true article on English-sounding words that Germans use - and Brits don't!
codicology: definition of codicology in Oxford dictionary
What does codicology mean?
ArtLex Art Dictionary
An online dictionary of art terms
Online translation of individual terms, plus term extraction from uploaded texts
15 FREE Tools for Translators that You Might Not Know You Need
A blog post on various programs a translator, blogger or graphic designer might find useful
Using hyphens correctly - Oxford Dictionaries
OUP on when to use hyphens in English
An online resource to search for technical/scientific information
Revising and Editing for Translators: 3rd Edition (Paperback) - Routledge
A link to Brian Mossop's book on editing for translators
Poltimore Landscape Volunteers' blog: Sherd or Shard?
Do you say "sherd" or "shard"?
Real Business - Poor grammar on websites scares 59% away
A British survey shows how important good writing is for companies with English websites
New agreement on rules on fees + royalties for literary translators in Germany
News article on a new pay agreement between the German Association of Literary Translators + publishers
The Complete Introduction To Transcreation |
Financial Times Lexicon - The definitive dictionary of economic, financial and business terms
The FT's own glossary of economic terms in English
Making sense of the CPD maze
A topical article on continuing education for translators
Good news for all IATE users! | TermCoord Terminology Coordination Unit
IATE has been enhanced
TEnTs Interoperability (or how to setup a WordFast or MemoQ Project in Studio 2014) | Translation Therapy
Interesting blog post about interoperability among CAT tools
Computer Dictionary
Various online + printed English dictionaries on computing + telecommunication
Learning English | BBC World Service
An explanation of various legal professions in the US and UK
How to handle edits to your translations
A short article on what to do when you get a version of your translation back after editing
How To Find The Right Words On The Web | Francesca Airaghi
A useful blog post on ways of using Google to search for terms and translations
Proofreading, Editing and Revising: What’s the difference? | TermCoord Terminology Coordination Unit
An interesting blog post on different kinds of editing
Oxford Dictionaries
OUP has restyled its dictionary website
Euro English – English for all … except for native speakers | TermCoord Terminology Coordination Unit
A post on "Euro English" used in EU publications
DETERM - UNO-Terminologie
UNO-Terminologie in Deutsch mit englischen, französischen und spanischen Entsprechungen
Auswärtiges Amt - Terminologie
Der Fachbereich Terminologie des Sprachendienstes des Auswärtigen Amtes hat hier deutsche Benennungen und ihre fremdsprachigen Entsprechungen für den amtlichen Gebrauch zusammengestellt.
UNOG term database
The terminological database of the United Nations Office in Geneva
FAOTERM: thematic glossaries on food, agriculture and the climate
This is the Term Portal run by UN's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Rome
IMF Terminology - A Multilingual Directory
This terminology list contains over 150,000 terms useful to translators working with IMF material. It provides English terms with their equivalents in a number of languages.
Glossarissimo! | Monolingual & multilingual resources & terminology for translators & interpreters…
Glossarissimo! is a collection of monolingual & multilingual resources and terminology intended largely for translators and interpreters and updated regularly.
MOT from Kielikone - using languages in everyday communication
Web-based dictionaries and other aids for language specialists
Garfield Translated Into Russian for First Time | The Moscow Times
Article about the Russian translation of Jim Davis's Garfield comics
Getting rid of "rogue codes" in Word documents | Kilgray Translation Technologies
Advice on ways of reducing the number of codes/tages in source texts before translating the texts with a CAT tool
rogue codes | Catology
A page listing various ways of preparing a source text for translation in a CAT tool
YourDictionary - dictionary definitions you can understand
A useful source of free online English dictionaries
Regulation of South African language practitioners is imminent
An announcement by South Africa's Minister of Arts and Culture about an impending new bill to regulate interpreting
Nataly Kelly: Translators Without Borders Prepares to Bridge the Last Language Mile
Translators without Borders
German business and English: No Denglisch | The Economist
The strange rise of Denglisch
South Africa admits error over 'schizophrenic' Mandela signer | Reuters
Translator Tools |
Language Log » "Didn't use(d) to be"
Wordnik - dictionary of modern English usage
Thousands of hyphens perish as English marches on | Reuters
On changes in English hyphenation
Financial Dictionary | Investopedia
An online English dictionary of economic terms
BBC News - India's micro-finance suicide epidemic
This BBC article on the downside of micro-loans in India is related to an article I'm just editing for an academic journal on Asian society.
Converting a "dead" PDF to Word with Wordfast Anywhere - YouTube
This is a useful 4-min. video by CAT specialist Dominique Pivard
Gartner IT Glossary
This list of English IT terms has been written by Gartner, the leading American IT research and advisory company
EuroTermBank Terminology Search
Collins German-English online dictionary
Yet another good online dictionary, this time with audio recordings of words
Colin Quirke's great list of links to dictionaries and other reference sources
American Heritage Dictionary
Medical Dictionary - Comprehensive Medical Terminology Search
German-English Dictionary, Glosbe
An online dictionary that can be used with a variety of source and target languages.
This is a list of scammers who pretend to be translators and try and get paid assignments from agencies, for example. The page also provides some background information about the way these people work.
Encyclopedia Britannica
European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions
A useful source of background information on aspects of society in the European Union.
zahlungspraxis : Zahlungspraxis
This is an online forum in German for translators who want to find out about companies (generally translation agenies) that they are considering working for. Some translators use it to warn the community about bad agencies/payment practices that they have experienced first hand.
Profiliertes Business – dank cleverer Website | .com / .net / .tv
This is a short German profile of my translation and editing agency Amper Translation Service and focuses particularly on the importance of the website for marketing and public relations.
Investopedia - Educating the world about finance
A comprehensive online glossary of English terms used in the financial sector.
Dictionary :
This is an online English dictionary that provides synonyms and examples of how a word is used as well as definitions.
This page by Tina Blue explains the difference between two very similar phrases in English that even cause native speakers some trouble: is it "the number of people is..." or "the number of people are..."?
Dictionary / Wörterbuch (BEOLINGUS, TU Chemnitz)
A good online dictionary in German and English run by a German university. The data is also employed by, which I've tagged and commented on elsewhere in my list of links.
LinguaDict Online Dictionary (German-English)
A useful online dictionary for several language pairs: German <-> English, German <-> French.
Amper Translation Service's blog
This is the blog on translation that I keep. - The free dictionary for foreign languages
This is a dictionary website that enables you to translate individual words into and from a variety of languages.
German » English dictionary :
Another helpful German-English dictionary with entries partly made by the Web community (crowdsourcing). The PONS website actually covers a large number of bilingual dictionaries, not just German-English. | German-English dictionary is a good online dictionary in my experience. It often contains helpful entries, even though it doesn't cover enough meanings of words. A useful translation resource that's free to use.
Webopedia: Online Computer Dictionary for Computer and Internet Terms and Definitions
This is an online encyclopedia in English that focuses on IT and communications (ITC).
Dictionaries & Encyclopedias - Add-ons for Firefox
These free add-ons enhance Mozilla Firefox, enabling you to look words up quickly from a range of dictionaries and thesauri.
Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung (BIBB) - Deutschland
The BIBB (National Institute of Vocational Training) is a German body with a website in German and English containing lots of information about jobs and training. A useful resource for translators who encounter German job titles that they find hard to understand or translate.
Translator Tools / About TransTools suite
This is a suite of utilities specially made for translators to help them deal with certain types of files more conveniently. The programmer says: "They will maximize your productivity in such common activities as proofreading, pre-formatting documents before translation, creating glossaries, etc.".
DictIndustry German-English technical dictionary
This specialist dictionary can be useful at times, particularly because of the concordances it provides for the terms you search for.
Carl Carter | LinkedIn
This is my personal profile on LinkedIn
Catology - a wiki for translators
This is a collection of short articles by translator Maxime Boisset on working with various CAT tools.
Amper Translation Service - translation & editing
This is my translation agency's own website and includes a large number of dictionary resources for translators, interpreters and other linguists.
@translators_GL – Delicious
Colin Quirke's list of links for translators
OneLook Dictionary Search
Use this search platform to look up the meaning or spelling of English words in a wide range of dictionaries scattered over the internet. OneLook will show you all the hits it finds one one page. It can also help with translations of words.
Oxford Dictionaries Online
A useful collection of online language resources.
Kielikone is a Finnish company specialising in Web-based language products including dictionaries, proof-reading tools and and machine translation.
NetLingo The Internet Dictionary
A useful English dictionary of terms to do with computing and the internet.
CATguru’s vlog
This is more of a presentation platform used by translator and CAT trainer Dominique Pivard to demonstrate the CAT tutorials he makes. These cover a wide variety of translation software and are easy to follow. Highly recommended!
Translation Tribulations
A knowledgable and entertaining blog written by Kevin Lossner about CAT tools and many other aspects of the translation industry
Cambridge Dictionaries Online
Various online dictionary resources from Cambridge University Press, e.g. British and American English, English-Spanish, English-Turkish. The monolingual dictionaries also include British and American idioms.
Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary
Another useful English dictionary from Merriam-Webster, but without the constant advertising banners of its big brother.
English Dictionary and Thesaurus - Merriam-Webster Online
A useful online dictionary resource for American English.
Linguee | Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch (und weitere Sprachen)
This site provides bilingual dictionaries and concordances in various languages. It's one of my favourite translation resources because you have so much linguistic information at your disposal. It shows you how a term or phrase is being used on other websites, which gives you valuable contextual information to base your own translation decisions on.
memoQ user group at Yahoo!
This English-language site is a public forum for users of memoQ, a CAT tool (for translation). Users can ask each other questions about the software and suggest answers to problems others are experiencing with the tool. A great resource!
Kilgray's blog
An interesting blog by various people at Kilgray that gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the company's work and issues that are shaping software development there.
Kilgray Translation Technologies
This is the company that has developed memoQ (and various other supplementary CAT tools).