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A good deal of the translation work I do at Amper Translation Service is concerned with patents. There are quite a lot of websites that can be helpful to a translator in this area - they can help you with terminology, general wording and other stylistic issues and provide you with background information or similar patents to the ones you are translating.

Here's a selection, which was last modified on 3 Feb. 2021 (please let me know if any of the links don't work):

1. Patent offices and search tools

2. Other patent databases/services

(These are just a few of those you can find on the Net.)

3. Patent-related glossaries and terminology portals


4. Reference sources providing background information


    An online encyclopedia with general information about many of the things discussed in patents.

Automotive sector


  • Stedman's online medical dictionary is available at :
    mediLexicon online medical dictionary 
    The MediLexicon dictionary contains 100,000 terms in English to help you understand and use medical terminology properly. It also lists thousands of medical abbreviations.

  • The Free Dictionary's Medical Dictionary on the English resources page (just click on the appropriate radio button in the dictionary list).
  • Radiology:


  • NCI - National Cancer InstituteNCI's dictionary of cancer terms is an American reference work containing over 4,000 entries on cancer and medical treatment.

  • University of Utah Magnetic Source Imaging (UUMSI)UUMSI is a facility provided by the University of Utah that involves the use of MSI (magnetic source imaging) for examining patients' brains. Click on the logo above to learn more about MSI and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging):

Railway engineering

  • Prof. Jörn Pachl has made separate English and German glossaries of terms concerned with the operation and control of railways.
    Click here to view the English glossary or here to view the German one.
  • Wolfgang Meyenberg has written some informative pages about German signalling systems.
    He also explains how INDUSI (Inductive Signal Protection) works.
  • German-English dictionary of railway terms by John Oxlade and Michael Schildbach


Blogs and articles of interest

Translating Patents, a blog run by Martin Cross, who runs his own patent translation business and translates Japanese patents.

Martin has also made a number of informative presentations on working in the patent-translation field, which are available as resources on his website. (Some of the links he has given there relate to ATA publications, so contact the association directly if you want to get hold of them.)

(NB There are more links listed on our Blogs and Articles page.)


Working for ATS

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